Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Las Margaritas-Good..But Garibaldi is Better!

7750 Harkness Ave S. Cottage Grove, MN 55016

I went here with a few friends last Friday after hearing great things, (both from friends and reviews and ratings on Urbanspoon) and in all honesty I was not that impressed.  When great expectations are assumed though, often disappointment is sure to follow.  

It is not that the food or service was bad, in fact both were good, but neither was exceptional..  I judge every Mexican place using Plaza Garibaldi as the barometer, and this place fell short of the Garibaldi standard for three reasons; #1-the food tastes about exactly the same (except Las Margaritas has much better seasoned and tasty rice,) #2-the price of that same tasting food is $2 more than at Garibaldi, and last but not least #3-they only have the salsa dip, unlike Plaza Garibaldi, which has the cream colored deliciousness dip.  

So I ordered the same combo as I do at Garibaldi (you'll have to read that review to find out what) and it tasted about the exact same, and the portion sizes were about the same if not slightly smaller than Garibaldi, but Las Margaritas rice is much., much better.  I sampled the much hyped fajitas from friends plates and they were very unimpressive.

Also they REALLY need to remodel the bathroom area-looks more like a boxing gym bathroom entrance (complete with communal washing station) than one that should be in a restaurant.

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