Monday, February 14, 2011

Wong's Kitchen - Delicious..and Jumbo Portion Sizes!

214 13th Ave. S. South St. Paul, MN 55075

I went here for lunch twice now, and for 7-8$ you cannot beat the combination of deliciousness and quantity.  If you are very hungry and you want to filleth your stomach until it floweth with deliciousness, then you may want to waddle down to Wong's Kitchen!  For that price you can get a lunch special on a variety of standard items that are staples of the Chinese Kitchen, and also included is a heaping pile of fried or steamed rice, and 3 Cream Cheese Wonton's (or a choice of the other appetizers) with the perfect amount of dipping sauce.  Everything is freshly made on the spot and is very generous for both it's taste and size-I can not stress this enough!  Both times I went in I chatted with regulars who had been going for years.  As we awaited our fresh meals they told of it's greatness.  Great things do come in small packages, (enough about my manhood) Wong's Kitchen is surely proof of this.

Both times I entered this tiny establishment I ordered the sweet and sour chicken for lunch (testing for consistency mind you,) and both times it was exactly the same-excellent in taste and gargantuan in portion!  When I went in to Wong's the first time, I was starving (and I have a big appetite as it is) so I didn't expect that my stomach would be fulleth no matter how much I ordered..  Astonishingly, I was wrong and I struggled to finish all of the food.  Near the end I found my taste buds wanted more than my stomach would allow..  As I struggled with the cream cheese wanton's nearing the finish line of the Wong 500, my stomach contorted and begged for mercy, but my taste bud's would have none of it and inspired both to the finish.

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