Monday, January 17, 2011

Black Sheep Coffee Cafe

705 Southview Blvd. South St Paul, MN 55075

So I strolled in here today to sample a cup of Black Sheep's coffee, and I had no expectations, either high or low, about how it might taste.  

I ordered a 12 oz. cup of one of the brewed coffees, and waited a few minutes while the barista ran to and fro making other drinks with great purpose.  No movement seemed to be wasted except that which contributed to making a memorable cup of coffee.  When my cup arrived, just by the aroma, I could tell immediately it would be a memorable one-call it my taste bud's instinct's.  As soon as I took the first tester sip, I knew it was among the finest I had ever had.  I just cannot believe that the cup I tasted wasn't freshly made on the spot, because it is probably the finest cup of coffee I have ever had.  

Usually I add a tiny bit of cream and honey into my coffee, but the aroma from this particular cup drew my attention before I could make it to the cream/assorted sugar stand, and before I knew it I was sitting down in one of the many plush, accommodating, leather chairs that surrounded the fireplace, with a rare black coffee that's taste stood alone.  Sitting by the fireplace was an apt location to sit, as though the fireplace was turned off, my giddy taste buds were afire.  Bruce Lee once remarked, "love is friendship afire."  At that moment, the quote made perfect sense, because I had fallen in love with this cup like no other.  

While I am on the subject of comfortable sitting places, might I add the ambiance in this coffee shop truly is unique and makes you feel as if your entering a different world or time period, though I cannot quite place the era.  The paint color combination is well done, and gives the feeling of a North Shore or seaside eatery, circa a better time.

I have said in other reviews that two other places have the best coffee I have ever tasted, (and at the time they were) but the cup I had today was the best of my life, and that is not a title I bestow upon a cup of coffee lightly. 

 If you're in the area, you must try it.

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