Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Pineda Taco's - Authentic Deliciousness..The Best!

1304 Robert St S. West St Paul, MN 55118

I have eaten at Pineda Taco's in West St. Paul now three times (all in the last week and a half) and each time the food has been very generous in size and taste.  If this isn't authentic Mexican, then I do not know what is.

The first time I went to Pineda, I ordered the $4.99 special-the combo burrito with chips and a drink.  Though I was pretty hungry, I struggled to finish the burrito because of it's ample size.  The taste was very "clean" and refreshing with each bite because the meat was seasoned nicely and was balanced out with the coolness of the sour cream and guacomole.  I chose the chicken in the middle (medium spiciness) and each bite was uniform in deliciousness.  For $5 and change you would be hard pressed to find a better Mexican lunch.  Since you cannot go to Chipolte any longer and get served authentic Mexican from the natives, I recommend you take your business to Pineda as I now do.

The other two times I went in I ordered the Hard Shell Taco (with medium spice chicken) and the Tostado (with hot chicken.)  The tostado was very impressive for the reason that almost an entire sliced guacomole was placed atop the shredded chicken, cheese, sour cream, onions, and beans, and this tostado is very delicious I do say with confidence-especially for only $2 and change, which is the same price as the crispy taco, which I will also say is delicious.

I will say that though the medium spice chicken is excellent, I was not impressed with the spiciest chicken or the meat, as both tasted "off;" though I did not get sick..  So maybe it was my delicate palate being unaccustomed to a new taste.. 

In the near future though, my tasty bud's will get many chances to acclimate themselves to this foreign taste, and I recommend you give your taste bud's the same opportunity.

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