Thursday, March 3, 2011

Yarusso Bros. Italian Restaurant - Best Meatball's of My Life!

As a disclaimer I will say that I do not consider myself a meatball aficionado.

Normally I am not a fan of meatballs in general. In fact up until about a week ago, I cannot remember a meatball that captured my taste bud's fancy. I figured the rest of my existence would be meatball free unless I politely ate them, as all I had previously ate had tasted roughly the same.

My perspective towards the meatball changed after the first heavenly bite of a Yarusso Bros. meatball.. With what tasted like nutmeg or cinnamon infused into creamy meatball with the perfect amount of flavor dispersion, I can honestly say I had to pinch my taste buds to assure them they were not dreaming as these meatballs were by far the tastiest I had ever had.

The spaghetti was average.

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  1. been eating at this wonderful restaurant since 1956..First the Hot dagos I would eat 4 or 5 and the waitress,one of the Yarussos,would ask me how I coud stuff all those in my stomach.I was thin.I miss the old way they were made with simple thin white bread and thick dago between the slices.mmmm My family was introduced when the kids were tiny. Love Yarussos,just always wished they would open up a place in Woodbury...

    1. We will be there on Holy Thursday..It my sons birthday and this is where he chose to eat. We love the spaghetti..and I always buy extra sauce for the freezer..


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