Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Great Moon Buffet - Set your Clocks to the Right Time!

2950 White Bear Ave N. MaplewoodMN 55109

First things first. When I went there with a buddy two years ago, he was griping about how they set their clocks ahead 10 minutes in order to save some money for those who show up last minute for the lunch buffet. He wanted to test the theory, so I was the reluctant accomplice.
Long story short, we arrived at the register 10 minutes before the brunch was to end according to two cell phones, and were told we would have to pay the dinner price, as the lady pointed to the clock on their wall that was 10 minutes fast. My friend pulled out his cell phone and showed it to the lady at the register, who became visibly angry, and started speaking gibberish and avoiding eye contact, continuing to point to the clock. My friend said he was going to contact the better business bureau, and they aired there differences loudly for a few seconds before we marched out.
So, while they have some delicious items on the menu, especially the black pepper chicken, (about half the time I go, they have it) I simply cannot give my business to an establishment that so obviously and callously ignores the Larry David Laws. In my opinion, setting the clocks ahead, though somewhat common in restaurants like these, must be discouraged via boycotting any establishments that engage in the practice and telling the owners as much.

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  1. Hahaha.....I love your "Larry David Laws" entry, this scenerio would be perfect for him to portray!
    Thanks for your humorous opinions.....Mary from WBL


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