Sunday, March 13, 2011

Maria's Cafe..Superb African Burger and Huevos Rancheros!

1113 E Franklin Ave. Minneapolis, MN 55404

I ate here often when I was working construction across the street on "Roger Beck Florist," which is an amazing building you must walk across the street and check out after your delicious meal at Maria's..
The first time I had an "South African Burger," was at Maria's and I haven't had a better one since. The South African Burger is normal burger patty with cheese, bacon, BBQ sauce and a pineapple ring and it is my favorite burger of all time..easily, and Maria's makes a mean one.
Elsewhere, most call it a Hawaiian burger, but the first time I had ever heard of one was after eating it at Maria's so I am very thankful for that experience.
Besides that burger I have tried a number of other items and it has all been really, really good. Everyone that I have ever eaten there with has raved about it, and if you dine there you will be hearing similar praise as you eat.
It is always packed, but there is a reason!

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