Saturday, May 14, 2011

Tea House - Excellent!

1676 Suburban Ave. St Paul, MN 55106

I went to the Tea House after hearing great things from friends and Urbanspoon reviews, and was immediately taken in by the pleasant Eastern ambiance when I walked in the doors.

I tried a few different items off of the menu, including the sesame chicken (crisped to perfection) and some pan fried noodles with garlic and something (two weeks ago) along with the cream cheese wonton's. The cook must be O.C.D. because every piece of food had the perfect crispness to it, and I am one that is a crisp snob-there has to be jsut the right amount of crisp-too much and it is burnt, too little and slightly soggy. All my chicken pieces were as golden browned perfection as I have ever eaten.

I will say if your one that is offended by a non-social server, you might take offence at the hospitality as the service was a little frigid.. It was not impolite though, just not a hint of warmth in the server's mannerisms. Though the service was not lacking or lazy, so no complaints here!

The price is about $2-4 more than your typical Chinese eatery, but the food is twice as good so it is worth it!

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