Saturday, May 14, 2011

Cheeky Monkey - You'll Go Banana's!

525 Selby Ave. St Paul, MN 55102

I have been meaning to try this place for years-finally went and tried it yesterday.

I ordered a coffee, the cubano, and a chocolate chip cookie for dessert. I sampled the veggie sandwich from my friend; my Bro had the meatloaf sandwich-and the four of us all really enjoyed the food.

We arrived at around 4:45 so it wasn't too busy, but started to get filled as we waited for our sandwiches to arrive, which didn't take long at all. When they arrived they were uniformly cooked, and delicious. Nothing exceptional, but really good, and the price was right ($8 without tax.) I love the ambiance of the place and the cleanliness of the space as well as the outside surrounding it. Great energy!

For $6-8 you get to choose a sandwich, and before I went to check this place out, I saw a negative review from some slob complaining that there are no side orders to go along with the sandwich. Well, I am 6' 3'' and 190 pounds and had worked out earlier so I was hungry, and I was overly full after eating the there is plenty of food within the sandwich, and if you are one that is still hungry after eating one of Cheeky Monkey's, you are probably overweight, and need to be eating less-not more.

I also loved the free glass vats of iced cucumber water and lemon water. I never order soda, so that was a nice idea, that stuck with me.

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