Saturday, June 11, 2011

Rusty Taco's - Uniquely Grand!

508 Lexington Pkwy S St Paul, MN 55105

Excellent Taco's!

I have been hearing great things about "Rusty Taco" so I finally had to try it for myself. I can now confirm the deliciousness! I tried two taco's-"The Rusty", and another which I forget the name-but it had shredded pork or beef and both were exquisite.

The thing I liked about "Rusty Taco" taco's was the unique flavors that created an orgasm of deliciousness within the confines of my tasty bud's. All the flavor's worked quite well together, and the result was a uniquely grand taste that is different than most any other taco I have had in a delicious way. The pineapple in the rusty taco perfectly complimented all the other flavors. Went with a friend that loved it as well.

One other GREAT thing about "Rusty Taco?" ALL the taco's are $2.50 and unless your a fat slob, two tacos are enough to fill you up!

The only drawback? The guacamole is absolute shit-the pureed kind that comes out of a plastic bag I got the feel, not a 1/10 as good as Chipolte guacamole. So they really, really need to make fresh guacamole or just stop making the stuff they have now all together, because it shames an otherwise great experience.

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  1. I would say the exact opposite. Small, expensive, mediocore tasting (some pretty bad mix of flavors) tacos, all served in the style and in the beautiful setting of a middle school cafeteria.

    Boo Rusty taco
    Boo reviewer.


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