Thursday, May 3, 2012

Da Spot

705 Century Ave N. MaplewoodMN 55119

I finally went here last Friday with a buddy after seeing all of the great reviews and pictures on Urbanspoon over the months, and after eating there I am questioning the taste bud's of every rave review that I encountered before finally trying it.

First things first, the two kinds of wings were a big disappointment, both for myself and my friend. In all fairness we only tried two different kinds of wings, ("The Canadian" and "The Johnny Apple Seed") so I can't make a blanket judgement about the other wings based off only trying two, but this is my experience with the two I tried.

I believe both of the orders of wings were fully cooked, but whether they had been sitting for a minute or two, or just were cooled off to prevent burning a mouth, the inside temperature needs to be a lot warmer than what seemed to be barely above room temperature.  I was worried that weren't cooked long enough as I ate them, and it is unacceptable to me to be eating a mildly warm wing.

As far as the taste of both sauces, the sweetness was a little much for my taste even though one was a "dessert" wing, and though I did like "The Canadian" more so than the "Johnny Apple Seed" both were very underwhelming in comparison to the rave reviews I have been reading and the taste I was expecting.  The "Johnny Apple Seed" wings were an especially strange taste, and that flavor combo was a little too jarring for my liking.  The bleu cheese was nonexistent to me.  Also, I expect a little crisp factor to my wings, and the outer skin of all the wings was a disappointing mushiness that should not be acceptable to a good wing joint.

Simply put I expected a lot more out of dis spot after reading all of the rave reviews, but when you have really high expectations, (especially of the gastronomical variety) sometimes disappointment is the only sure thing to follow.  But even if I had not read those reviews and had stopped in by happenstance I still would have been disappointed with the wings.  I do give them credit for trying out such bold wing flavor combinations, and I am going to try some more sauce combinations before I assume all are as underwhelming as "The Canadian" and (especially) Johnny Apple Seed wing, which in my opinion, should probably be taken off the menu.

Also, the place could really use a paint job, and some lighter colors, as the ambiance is more akin to a basement rave party, than a place that you would sit down to eat.

Ending on a good note, D's french fries were by far the BEST french fries I have ever had in my life, and the accompanying sauce was equally grand.  I could go on about D's fries for as long as I complained about the wings.  Those fries are the definition of a foodgasm in every bite, and if you want the best fries of your life, try D's (pun intended).

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