Thursday, January 6, 2011

Black Dog Cafe - Overrated!

308 Prince St. Paul, MN
I usually go here for a cup of coffee before a Sunday of NFL football or before a STRIKEFORCE Event to get a little more jacked up.
The coffee consistency is mediocre, usually ranging from above average to excellent and the service is friendly, if not a tad pretentious, but they do their best to hide it, so kudos for that.
After seeing their Cubano sandwich rated #1 on the cover of the Pioneer Press eat section a few months ago I decided to try it myself and decide if it was still worthy of that is not.
Not a bad sandwich, the flavors are competitive and complement each other o.k, but it is definitely overrated if you ask me. If your sick of the same old sandwich though and don't have too picky of tastes you will likely enjoy it. Of course there is the possibility that the sandwich wasn't at its best the day I walked in, so I shall try it again and change my review if it improves.

*Update The coffee here is just not that good.  Since I last reviewed this place I have gotten a few cups and they have all tasted like the bin they were brewed in.  Hey hippies, you can use vinegar to clean them out every once in a while.  Two of my buddies agree with me, and diss the place's coffee rather strongly.  My brother, who smokes a pack a day and has no taste buds left, thinks it is the greatest in the world, but he gets a depth charge (two shots in addition to caffeinated coffee) so his opinion on food and coffee isn't respected.  Sorry smokers, tough shit, but the fact is smoking kills everything, including your sense of taste.

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