Monday, December 6, 2010

Leo's Chow Mein - Best Chinese Buffet (Value)

1059 Hudson Rd. St PaulMN

I have eaten here probably a dozen times and for $5.95 or whatever it is, the price cannot be beat, anywhere. I especially enjoy the way they cook the fried rice, the fried potato chip with something else (rodent meat?) dish and the sweet and sour chicken, which has exceptional crunch.

In case your unfamiliar with Leo's, it is not a typical "buffet", but don't be scared.. This is the way it works-you pay your buffet fee, grab your empty plate, and find an empty seat. Now instead of walking to the buffet like farm animals grazing, they have 3 or 4 servers that are constantly circling around the dining area with assorted delicious Chinese buffet items, asking you if you want an item and how much (don't be greedy hogging all my sweet and sour or fried potato chips-I am the guy in the corner glaring at you if you do). I have sampled most of what Leo's has to offer besides the items heavily laden with pork or unfamiliar looking vegetables, and all is delicious!
However, I must warn you soon-to-be Leo's customers of one potential mishap; early in the dining experience a common mistake is to fill up too much with one particular item in anticipation that said item may not come back around. Don't worry, as the servers at Leo's seem to have developed a unique horse sense as to when you want a certain item and will act accordingly. However don't abuse this privilege, as I once pretended in my mind that I like steamed cabbage to test their skills, and ended up opening a wormhole in the dining area, that swallowed up three cans of soda and a 3M employee.

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