Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Muddy Waters - Pretentious to the Nth Degree

2401 Lyndale Ave S. MinneapolisMN 

I don't know what it is about coffee shops along Lyndale, but between this place and Bob's (much more so this place), the arrogance of the barista's is so thick you can hardly breath. I went in here a few months ago, and when I ordered coffee politely, I was greeted with incredibly rude service-possibly the most arrogant and pretentious I have ever been witness to in all of my life. The lady seemed offended that I would just order a regular coffee, as if I had ruined her day. I am not sure if she was profiling me, because I wasn't wearing women's jeans down to my knees like the style seems to be nowadays with these misguided college kids, or maybe if I had a purposefully designed look of angst on my face, they would have been more accommodating to my order, but whatever the reason I will never be back, and I will recommend everyone else do the same.
The way I figure, if you make a really, really good product, then you have a right to be arrogant and soup nazi like, because the deliciousness outweighs the pretentiousness you have to suffer through...but if you put out an average to below average product like Muddy Waters does, then you might want to find some more pleasant college kids to work the counter.

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  1. I agree, what is with those tight pants anyways? I thought everyone had finally figured out that a price tag doesn't make something good or bad. I like the reviews keep them up!


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